JNCIA-Junos Study Resources (All Free!)

Hi, hello. Nicole here.
Do you want to diversify your skillset & learn JunOS? Do you want to be able to add JNCIA-Junos to your resume? Here's a thread of the ~free~ resources I used!
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1) Junos Genius
Junos Genius is an amazing, stupendous, fantastic resource. USE THIS!! Create an account, scroll down to Juniper Open Learning, & select JNCIA-Junos (or whichever cert track in which you're interested). At the time of this post, once you finish all the videos & practice test(s), there will be a voucher test. If you pass the voucher test, you'll receive a voucher for 75% off any Associate Level exam. Again, USE JUNOS GENIUS!! Watch all the vids, take all the practice tests.

All the material from Junos Genius has been moved to Juniper Open Learning within the Learning Portal. The content is the same, just in a new location.

2) "Day One: Beginner's Guide to Learning Junos"
It's easy to read and is a very nice complement to Junos Genius. I HIGHLY recommend it. Here's the pdf.

3) "Junos for IOS Engineers"
If you're familiar with Cisco IOS, "Junos for IOS Engineers" is another option for you. (click the link & scroll down until you see the book). There are a bunch of Day One books, I've already read 2, so much information!!!  
[ side note: Juniper Networks has a collection of books written by industry professionals on a variety of topics. These books are called Day One books. They can be found here. And if you're like me and you like physical books, you have the option to buy books from the virtual bookstore !!

4) Juniper vLabs!!!!
Don't have any physical equipment?? No problem!! Use vLabs for practice!!! Definitely watch the video on the home page before you get started; it's a good introduction to vlabs & how to use it. Super highly recommend vLabs.

5) Youtube
Here's some random youtube videos that I really liked:
"Using Juniper for the First Time | JunOS CLI"
"Interface Naming Conventions"
"Juniper Device Interfaces"
"Juniper Networks JNCIA-Junos Certification Practice Test"

And that's all! Those are the resources I used - all free. I knew nothing about Junos, and it took about 2 months to study for the exam using those resources and I passed on the first attempt. I hope you found this thread useful.

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(Shoutout to Matt for letting me use his site to make this post)