JNCIA-Cloud Study Resources (All Free!)

Hey everyone. I've got another present for you - Free study resources to use while studying for Juniper Network's JNCIA-Cloud cert (As a reminder, I also gave a list of Free study resources for the JNCIA-Junos exam).

Let's get jiggy wit it!

1) Juniper Open Learning
If you were familiar with Junos Genius, it was discontinued, but all the Associate level material can be now found Juniper Open Learning for free. Lots of videos & practice exams to get your prepared for the Associate level exams!!

2) Juniper Networks Day One Books
Description: "Day One Books cover networking technologies using step-by-step instructions and practical examples written by working engineers." Here's the link to the Day One Books; there are numerous Day One Books, and I guarantee you'll learn a lot. Me, personally, I like to read with physical books, so I bought the "Day One: Data Center Fundamentals" book for myself. But here's the pdf version !!!!

3) Documentation (aka 'TechLibrary')
First: For any cert, print & follow the Exam Objectives.
Second: As you'll see from the Exam Objectives, there are a lot of Juniper solutions on this exam. Luckily their 'TechLibrary' is FILLED with all the info you need about the specific products. I really hope you like to read; you'll be doing a lot of that. Tehehehee!

4) Network Fun Times blog
This guy Chris (who is a Juniper Ambassador!!) made a LENGTHY blog post about what he used to study & pass the JNCIA-Cloud. I visited this blog post countless times b/c it is just THAT GOOD. Use it. Bookmark it.

And that's it! Those are all the resources I used to pass the JNCIA-CLOUD. All FREE! I hope you found this thread useful.