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Frequently Asked Questions

Help! I need assistance / something isn't working!!

Leave me a comment on the blog post or video you're using. If I can help, I'll do what I can. That being said - any support I provide is best-effort only. I don't work for Cisco TAC, nor am I paid by any vendor to provide support for their products.

Since I run all of this on my own, I can't always respond to every comment or request for help - but if it's a publicly posted comment, sometimes other people may also be able to provide answers.

Can I pay you to do this for me?

No, sorry - I am not currently open to doing this. I produce content (blogs, videos, etc) for educational purposes & to help show how to do something yourself. This isn't my job, it's something I do for fun (and I do have a full-time job that keeps me quite busy). If you do follow one of my how to's & run into an issue, I'm happy to help if I can (see above question).

I saw someone else posted to your blog, what's that all about?

I do accept contributions / guest posts occasionally. More often than not, this is from someone who doesn't have their own blog/platform & I've been pushing them to write something :). If you're interested in posting something here, feel free to reach out to me at: matt at 0x2142 dot com.

I have a product / software, will you post a review about it?

At this time, likely the answer will be no - but it depends on what the product is. If it's something I would use & feel that my readers would get value out of, then maybe! If it's not a good fit, I will decline. Feel free to reach out to me at: matt at 0x2142 dot com.

Don't you work for $Vendor? Are you just promoting their stuff?

Uhh, at the time of this writing - yes, I do! However, the content I produce is on my own time, with my own opinions. None of it is sponsored, encouraged, or requested by my employer. If I ever post anything that is, I'll be sure to add a disclaimer. That being said - I've worked with multiple different vendors products over the course of my career. They all have their pros, cons, and use-cases where they fit best. While I may have more access to $vendor's products because of my employment, I try my best not to intentionally advertise or promote them.

Do you have stickers?

Why yes, I do! Want some? Hit me up at: matt at 0x2142 dot com.

I run this blog & my YouTube channel on my own time & money. It's a hobby for me. In no way am I attempting to make a full-time job out of this, or turn it into a profitable side-business. However, I do invest my own money into web hosting, audio & video equipment, and some of the products I use in my content. Ideally, it would be nice to offset that a little bit - which is why I occasionally use Amazon affiliate links when it makes sense. This site no longer displays advertisements.

If you like the content that I produce, I would appreciate you using these links to support my content. And as always, sharing the content with your friends, customers, or co-workers is greatly appreciated!!