A New Start

Over the years I have made several attempts at starting a blog. A few on networking, general IT, or whatever came to mind. They all end up the same – I start off strong and fall off quick. Finally, I believe I’ve realized what my problem is: I always assumed that a successful blog had to be purpose-built and constantly kept up to date with new and exciting content.

So here I am again, giving this another shot. This time I won’t be backing myself into a corner from the start. This blog is intended to be networking oriented but with a bit of a wider focus. I’ve already come up with quite a few ideas for content I would like to write here, so I’m more prepared. That being said – I’m not committing to regular updates or always exciting content. When I have something I feel is worth sharing, I will share it.

So to provide a general overview, here is the outline of topic ideas I have for this blog:

Education/Certification Studies – Every network admin has a blog to document their road to CCIE certification, right? This has certainly been one of my goals over the years, so I’ll be writing about the awesome things that I learn. This is also meant to include general networking education topics, since you can never stop learning.

Career – I’ve been Cisco certified and working in networking for nearly ten years, but that doesn’t mean everyone has. I’ve finally reached the point in my career where I’m meeting a lot of people new to the field and I’m able to help guide them. So I would like to share some of the career advice that I have, both from my own experiences and advice that I have received from others.

Network Design/Architecture – This stuff is really important, as I’ve run into more than enough situations where a network wasn’t originally designed for the type of workload it handles today. I want to cover both network design topics, as well as why it is important. I have some stories to share on how bad network architectures can have significant consequences.

Black Magic – This is probably my favorite topic. You ever work with an IT professional who just somehow knows how to fix everything? The person who can pick up almost any technology and become an overnight expert in it? Well, I would like to share some of my insight into how this type of thing is accomplished, and why it just seems so magical.

This likely won’t be everything I cover here, but these are the primary topics. I’m going to give this site my best shot over the next few months – so let’s see how it goes.

Feel free to bug me in the comments with any questions!