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Where is all the Automation?

Matt Schmitz/ July 24, 2018

The future is APIs! SD-EVERYTHING! Automation! Orchestration! Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning! Sound familiar? It’s all part of the messaging going around in just about everything IT-related. With as much as you keep hearing about it, you might think that it’s all anyone is doing anymore. Yet it still just seems like not a whole lot of people are really

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You Should Automate Something This Year

Matt Schmitz/ January 9, 2018

Maybe 2018 isn’t off to quite the best start. Recent processor vulnerabilities have people scrambling to patch and update systems. Stuff like this ends up being a fairly large sink of time for any systems/network administrator. The worst part is that we have practically no control of when this stuff happens or how much time it’s going to take to

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Getting Started with JunOS PyEZ

Matt Schmitz/ January 24, 2017

This guide is written for CentOS 7. If you’re running another distro, find your dependencies here Last year we had to begin migrating off of some of our older Juniper SSG firewalls since we were beginning to push them to their throughput limits. We evaluated a couple of vendors but ultimately decided to stay with Juniper and purchase SRX 1500

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