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Thoughts on Cisco’s 2018 Annual CyberSecurity Report

Matt Schmitz/ February 21, 2018

When I started in networking, I never would have thought that security would be such an important part of my job. However, it has become something that I’m involved with almost every day – tasks like applying security configurations, participating in audits, or spending a day chasing down the latest vulnerabilities. It’s already become second nature to watch for what’s

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How to Write a Better IT Resume

Matt Schmitz/ June 21, 2017

I’ve really been meaning to write this out for a while – but since I’ve been doing a lot of interviewing recently, I figured it’s about time. I’ll be completely honest here, the first few iterations of my resume absolutely sucked. I had a family member help me put one together, and I slowly modified it from there – but

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You’re Not Perfect: Admit Your Mistakes

Matt Schmitz/ April 4, 2017

Working in IT is always quite an interesting experience. You get to work with a ton of different people from varying backgrounds and skill sets. Sometimes you work with people who have been doing IT their entire life, and sometimes it was a complete career change for others. However, it never ceases to amaze me how many people from any

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College vs Certification – Which is better?

Matt Schmitz/ March 28, 2017

As of the beginning of this month, I have officially completed my four years of trying to balance working full time and going back to school. I finished up my last college classes and now I can sit back and appreciate having some free time to myself again. I’ve never been really into the concept of school, but ultimately I went back because

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Why Have a Home Lab?

Matt Schmitz/ March 21, 2017

If you really want to become great at something, you practice it a ton, right? Well networking and IT work exactly the same. You’re not going to become an expect by just reading a ton of tech books and blogs. While those certainly help, there is nothing better than simply getting your hands dirty. Having a good home lab setup

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What’s your hesitation?

Matt Schmitz/ February 28, 2017

One thing I have found in IT is that sometimes the real question that needs answering is some form of: What is holding you back? Whether it be people who take longer to get to tasks they don’t like, or whole teams who think accomplishing something just isn’t possible. Change takes time, and we can get there one step at

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Why isn’t everything done “the right way”?

Matt Schmitz/ February 14, 2017

IT work is never truly black and white. There are thousands of possibilities, and thousands of ways that those possibilities don’t turn out the way you had expected. It’s easy to walk into a new job, look at the environment, and wonder “What were they thinking?”. But it’s another thing to be in the moment and have to make a

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A Little Bit of Black Magic

Matt Schmitz/ February 7, 2017

I’ve lost track of the amount of times in my career that someone has said “How did you do that?”, “Wow that’s amazing!” or “I would have never figured that out”. My answer is typically that it involved a little bit of black magic – but then I follow it up with an actual explanation. For those less technical, some

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Background Story (Continued)

Matt Schmitz/ December 20, 2016

This post is a continuation of last week’s “First, A Bit of Background” So once I had that magical CCNP certification, I finally felt like I needed to move on. I had gained as much experience from that first job as I thought I would, which meant that I needed to start looking. I got some help from a co-worker

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First, A Bit of Background

Matt Schmitz/ December 13, 2016

I wanted to start off my providing a little background on myself. Hopefully this will put some context around my future posts. In the beginning – I started off doing some minor PC repair for family and friends. Really quite minor stuff, like replacing power supplies, reinstalling the operating system, or troubleshooting application issues. The technical work really was fun for

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