Hello there! Thanks for checking out this blog.

The idea behind this blog was to create a place where I could share my IT experiences. As I have progressed further in my career, I’m meeting more and more people who are much earlier in theirs. There are a number of things I wish I had learned early in my career, so my intent is to share those types of experiences.

I’ve been working in IT as a network administrator for over ten years. I have performed enough migrations, upgrades, replacements, etc to make someone crazy – but there is a lot of unique knowledge that comes with that. I want to be able to share that information with other people, so that maybe someone else can find it helpful.

As of late 2017, I’ve begun studying for the CCIE R&S exams. So I will definitely be posting some content relating to my studies and the technologies covered in the exams.

I wrote briefly about my primary goals for this blog in the first post here. Check it out!

If you find the content here is helpful – please share a link with your friends or co-workers! It would mean a lot to me. Also, if you would like to share your story of how you got started in IT, send me a message at: submissions (at) 0x2142.com.

All opinions on this blog are my own, and do not represent any vendor or current/former employer.


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