What’s your hesitation?

Matt Schmitz/ February 28, 2017

One thing I have found in IT is that sometimes the real question that needs answering is some form of: What is holding you back? Whether it be people who take longer to get to tasks they don’t like, or whole teams who think accomplishing something just isn’t possible. Change takes time, and we can get there one step at

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Virtual Networking Contexts

Matt Schmitz/ February 21, 2017

I really want to take a moment to talk about how wonderful VRFs/firewall contexts really are. Both technologies essentially allow a network administrator to spin up a virtualized, isolated instance of a network device. I’ll be honest and say that I hadn’t had the chance to play much with this stuff until just recently – but it makes life a

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Why isn’t everything done “the right way”?

Matt Schmitz/ February 14, 2017

IT work is never truly black and white. There are thousands of possibilities, and thousands of ways that those possibilities don’t turn out the way you had expected. It’s easy to walk into a new job, look at the environment, and wonder “What were they thinking?”. But it’s another thing to be in the moment and have to make a

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A Little Bit of Black Magic

Matt Schmitz/ February 7, 2017

I’ve lost track of the amount of times in my career that someone has said “How did you do that?”, “Wow that’s amazing!” or “I would have never figured that out”. My answer is typically that it involved a little bit of black magic – but then I follow it up with an actual explanation. For those less technical, some

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